Numbers describing energy demand forecasting system

Find Energy Purchasing overwhelming?

4prime’s suite of services demystifies energy purchasing to allow procurement professionals to handle energy as just another commodity. Contact 4prime and join our Linkedin Procurement Professionals, Energy Purchasing group to discover the benefits.

Energy Price Forecasting

4prime produce forecasts of wholesale energy prices up to ten weeks ahead. Market volatility resulted the highest price for electricity to be consumed in April 2014 being 96% higher that the lowest price. Price forecasting helps to avoid the price spikes.

Value for Money Energy Contracts

4prime removes the mystery surrounding energy contract negotiation by ensuring that all charges are totally transparent. Procurement professionals are then able to concentrate on negotiating supplier profit margins and charges for added value services.

Value for Money Energy Efficiency

4prime assists with identifying the optimum times to reduce energy consumption to maximise return on investment. Transparency of all charges means that opportunities for cost savings can be clearly identifiable.